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Larry & BassMy professional music career began while I was living on Maui. While my full time job was Sales Manager for Travel by Darlene, I saw an ad in the Maui News for a Hawaiian musician with a tenor voice. I decided to arrange an audition.

So I packed my guitar, auditioned one song - and became the newest member. Our group eventually became the "Sound of Maui". We performed at the Seahouse Restaurant at Napili Kai Beach Club. That lasted ten years...

At one point, due to a change with a member of our group, we found ourselves in need of a new bass player. Douglas Tihada, the restaurant manager, taught me the basics of playing the upright bass. Now - many years later, it is one of my favorite instruments to play. During our time at Napili, we recorded some of our Hawaiian music and it became very popular with the guests that enjoyed our live performances.

Larry behind the Lodge at KoeleEventually, I left the "Sound of Maui" and we returned to Lana`i. I continue both as a solo performer for Weddings, along with being part of a trio "Kauna`oa" (Lana`i flower)..

Sanoe (Wave)The tranquility of Lana'i has given me both the time and inspiration to record a solo album. To the right is a link that will allow you to hear one track from the album. The song is entitled Sanoe. It was written by the last monarch of the Hawaiian Kingdom, Queen Lili`uokalani. It tells the story of two lovers in the royal court who had a secret affair. "Sanoe" is the Hawaiian word meaning - the mist that drifts over our mountains - and alludes to the man drifting in like the mist to see his ipo (sweetheart). Enjoy!

A technical note: The track from my album is in RealAudio format. You can download a RealAudio player from their website by clicking here.


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