Lana`i CD

Larry with guitar at the ocean

Mahalo nui loa to everyone that offered their talent, time and love to a collection of a few favorite melodies. My "birth-nursery roommate," good friend and fellow original Kauna`oa musician Matt. It has been a long and fun road as we share our two songs.

Kauna`oa musicians, AJ Vergara, Claude Huerta, Matt Mano and Garek Eligado, I am grateful for all of our opportunities in playing music together.

During my younger years, music was abundant in our home whether it was on the piano, guitar or singing. My sisters sang almost daily and I often wondered why no one pursued it any further. This was an opportune time to have my sisters Jojo, Christine and Francine express themselves. All of my thanks and love.

My niece Tisha and nephew Duane are the next generation of musicians in our family. Mahalo for sharing your talent and supporting my efforts.

Mahalo Kerry and Cindy Honda for your friendship and continued encouragement.

To my wife Darlene, the greatest testament of your love, support and inspiration is shown in your desire and efforts in producing this album. All my love!

With Much Aloha,

Larry with guitar along the shore

Proud to Be
Kuhio Beach
E Ola Mau I Ka `Olelo Hawai`i
Ka Makani Ka`ili Aloha
E Liliu E
Brown Man Blues
Hawai`ian Soul
Pua Hone
Mele `O Lana`i
Ka Wailele 'O 'Akaka
Lei Ko`ele
Haleakala Sunrise